NEOS 2010 in Johnshaven

23 Jun 2010

The Blue Garage doors will be opening again for NEOS showing new work by Morag Smith.

The dates are Sat. 11th till Sun. 19th September. Opening times 11-6 weekends and 11-5 weekdays.

133 morag smith garage sign

Other studios open in Johnshaven are:

  • A week and two days with beautifull life drawings by Rebecca Westguard 
  • Beach Road Framers 
  • Brazen Hussies Jewellery 
  • Coastal Colourists with paintings, photography and woodturning 
  • Johnshaven Gallery 
  • Kate MacKenzie and Starfish Studios 
  • Pam Hamilton 
  • Starglazing - fabulous pottery by the talented Hilary Firth 
  • The Apple Cottage company 
  • Tracy Blease - Quirkycat

There will be a Johnshaven map showing where all the studios are, the Anchor Hotel is now serving lovely food or there are plenty of places to picnic. Hope to see you then!

For further information on the above story contact:

Morag Smith

Tel: 01561 360020